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Pack Your Things Right

Spring – is a wonderful time for traveling. There is nothing better than driving on a highway, feeling a warm, pleasant breeze on your face; however, it is extremely important not to forget about your look, while enjoying the moment. Taking care of your overall appearance during a trip might appear to be a very difficult task because it has a lot of hidden threats and tricky peculiarities. Our professionals at the best Salon in NYC offer you three essential tips you are to follow, in order to save your natural beauty, and visit as many places, as it is possible.

best Salon in NYC

For healthy hair

Remember one thing: conditioner is a must, even if you don’t use it at home normally. Any trip, climate changing is a huge stress for your locks. In combination with salt water, and wind (if you are going on the sea side) it will turn your mane into a stack of hay if you mistreat your hair. Proper humidification and sun protection will create a miracle! You shouldn’t neglect wearing all possible hats and bandanas.

For shiny face skin

Here is a funny thing: your face needs an extra moisturizing, as well as your hair. Anyway, every girl knows what her skin needs, just be ready for your skin starts to lack moisture much faster. To avoid this, stay minimum with your makeup: mascara and powder are all that you need. Try to drink more clean liquid to maintain water balance and everything will be OK.

For beautiful eyes

If you don’t want to look like a panda, never use mascara, while swimming; nevertheless, if you still want to underline your eyes, go for eyelashes tinting instead. To avoid horrible dark circles after a sleepless flight, use special masks with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, and coconut oil.

Love yourself and follow our tips to stay charming 24/7.

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